Domains 101 - The Basics

Registering a domain

Domain names can be checked for availability and registered through our order process or by a third party and then manually setup to point at our servers, domains purchased through us will be setup automatically by us.

Transferring a domain

Existing domains can be transferred to us, the process typically takes around 3-5 days and can even be used on expired domains, although not recommended. Transfers are priced the same as our domain renewals and are automatically renewed for a year once the process is complete. Prices and further information are available through the order process for new customers, existing customers should contact our support team who can get the process moving straight away.

Will you register it in my name?

A common problem that many of our clients experience transferring to us is they find there domain name is not registered in there name making transfers a longer and more difficult process. Host3 will always register any domain name purchased with us in your name and you will always have full ownership.


Host3 offer very competitive domain prices with the added benefit of it being managed and setup by us, the latest prices are available through the order process. Domains are typically renewed annually and you will be charged the same price as the registration each year you would like to keep the domain.

If you have any additional questions about domain names please don't hesitate to contact us.
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